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Livre d'or


Matador HN (by Hernesto HN)

Margriet Deruyver

"For me, the Search for a Horse has been a journey with many downs. I never had the feeling that it was a match or that the horses were not running correctly. When I had almost given up on the search, I ended up with Jacqueline and Pierre through Nathalie. Nathalie advised me to contact Jacqueline to ask for information about Matador that was for sale. Our first telephone contact was friendly but not easy with my limited knowledge of French :-). We went there on the day itself. No sooner said than done, I jumped in the car with a friend and we started our drive to Aywaille. We never knew in advance what we would see We immediately felt like we were on holiday. There was a peaceful atmosphere and the view was beautiful. We were kindly welcomed by Jacqueline with a nice cup of coffee and then we met Matador. I was immediately curious! When I started driving I really had a feeling of peace and relaxation. What a pleasure this horse was! My self-confidence took a big hit, but with this gentleman I felt completely at ease, even a galleon in the forest felt good. Back home I could no longer keep quiet or sleep and all I thought about was Matador. Jacqueline and Pierre gave me the opportunity to get to know Matador at ease, this was important to me because I really wanted to be sure. Matador has been with us for a few weeks now, but we couldn't miss him anymore. He enjoys working so much and is also very interested in new things. He gives me more and more confidence every day. Matador is a beautiful horse and we still have a lot to discover together." 


Nacar HN (par Hidalgo HN)

Hélène Rohmer

"The perfect horse does not exist, and yet... Nacar

A first meeting in 2017, rather by chance because the test was not planned with him. Big baby who wasn't looking his best, too young for what I was looking for at that moment  but still something happening...

A year later,  on the first try, happiness. Well beyond my expectations, this little horse just broken in fills me.

Nacar has been flawless since his arrival with us, the start of an adventure 🖤


Maçana HN (by Hernesto HN)

Nancy Halleux

"A few long months after the premature and unfair departure of my Zalamero to horse paradise, my husband organized a surprise visit for me to the Haras de Niaster.

Jacqueline & Pierre were waiting for us to introduce us to the beautiful Maçana! And from the first moments, it was obvious, she was made for me. Raised gently by true enthusiasts, the horses at Haras de Niaster develop their own personalities in addition to their natural beauties. The team complements itself wonderfully with the indispensable work of Vanou who takes excellent care of all these young horses in order to give them this confidence and kindness.

Haras de Niaster is undoubtedly a noble breeding farm, like the horse of Kings!

Thank you for my beautiful Maçana."


Nobleza HN (by Hernesto HN)

Audrey Pirmez

"Nobleza, my PRE dream,

My PRE mare is slowly getting older, so I'm thinking of taking over from her, without really looking because it's difficult to find a replacement worthy of her!

I came across the Haras de Niaster by chance, an email, a visit was organized mainly for his sister. But in the middle of the herd, a little head observes us and then walks forward, frankly drunk with curiosity.

Nobleza already shows up, we look at each other, we observe each other. I leave in the middle of a dilemma but my heart goes to her, I am won over.

She's only been home for a few months and she's already taking up so much space. She has made her way through the herd, already knows the place by heart, her box, her meadows, discovers day by day, briefly observes each new thing so as to no longer ask questions. We get to know each other, we learn to know each other, to work together.

At just 1.5 years old, she already has everything she needs to be a grown-up. Imperturbable, kind, not fierce, gentle, respectful.

I thank Jacqueline and Pierre for trusting me with Nobleza, thank you to them and Vanou for making her such an exceptional filly.

Nobleza, my "future" dressage and touring horse but above all OUR family mare."


Maestria HN (by Hidalgo HN)

Frederique Demoulin

"Maestria, a few words would not be enough to describe the mare

extraordinary that she is.

But one word represents her, it’s my little dragon. Full of enthusiasm,

of character, filled with kindness and overflowing with vitality. A little

also a hothead.


Maestria gives 100% for the people she loves, she is

attentive and devoted to her rider.


But this extraordinary mare could not have seen the light of day without her

breeding, the HARAS de Niaster. This little corner of paradise where horses

can flourish in respect and trust, close to man.


Because the journey is far from over, we are progressing,

let's learn, stumble and get back together.


New adventures to come, challenges to take on, madness to

sharing will be the next chapters of our story.


I thank Vanou, Jacqueline and Pierre for their presence, their

experiences and their advice, without which this meeting would not have been possible.

could come true.


Nispero HN (by Hidalgo HN)

Louise Clef

"In Nispero HN,

It all started on July 1, 2018 during a round of the MCI where I saw Hernesto HN. The next day, I discovered the Haras de Niaster via its website. On July 7, I headed to the Haras to come see you. Upon returning to the At the stable our eyes met and I immediately knew that it was you NISPERO HN that I was waiting for. Son of Hidalgo HN, also seen at MCI, and of Que Pasa RMC, what a sublime result! I participated with Vanou at your breaking-in and you joined me on September 6. Since then, it's been a pure joy to be with you every day, my darling Loulou." This wonderful story would not have been possible without the passion and philosophy of Jacqueline, Pierre and Vanou. A big thank you to them for their trust."


Galan HN

Anne Marie and Stephan

“If we can paint the ideal horse, I would paint Galàn HN;

He is tall, he is handsome, a gentle character, his movements are excellent.

He is well educated. We can only benefit.

A big thank you to the entire Haras de Niaster team.


Together with our PRE NR-Goyeso, Galàn HN seems to feel good and satisfied"


Pimiento HN (by Hidalgo HN)

Beatrice Farber

“I’m one of those people who has dreams, some bigger than others. One of those was, for a long time, having my horse. I had half-boards for a long time which went very well, but recently I said to myself that it was the right time to have another relationship. So I looked for what qualities I expected from this horse, and the obvious thing was that he was good in his head (in addition to my attraction to the Iberians that I have been riding for years). I discovered the Haras de Niaster through an acquaintance who took part in an internship and through the MICI competitions. So one day I asked if there was a horse for sale. There was none available but Jacqueline suggested that I come and see. I went with the idea of buying a mare. She showed me the broodmares, the fillies and then a little 2-year-old gray horse, very small next to the other two. And then I fell in love at first sight, Pimiento had come into my life just by coming towards me with his slightly scoundrel but so confident look. I returned regularly to see him, always very well received, I had the opportunity to see Vanou patiently working with the young horses, until the breaking in which took place during confinement.

Since the beginning of June Pimiento has been with me at Takirou and this little horse is a real joy. He is friendly, confident in people, sociable and always happy to be taken care of. After a summer of "rest" following the castration (he was really very hot with the others and that became problematic), we gradually resumed mounted work, in addition to work on foot and socialization with many " friends ".

The luck I had in having bought Pimiento in Niaster is to have a horse, certainly with his character and personality, but who, at 3 years old, is already well educated, respectful of people, easy to handle . It got into the van without any problems for transport. When we put him in the meadow he waits politely for us to remove the rope, when I let him go in the lunging ring, he follows me (so I don't always know how to let him let off steam!).

I thank the entire Niaster team who breed high quality horses, well educated from a very young age. Pimiento is happy here, I am well surrounded to support him in all his learning. We have many years to evolve but we already have a great relationship, my little magical unicorn and I. »


Perla HN (by Hernesto HN)

Christophe & Antoinette

“It was in Aywaille at the Haras de Niaster that we found a rare gem.

On our first visit to the stud farm in June we were immediately won over by the magnificent location as well as the kindness and professionalism of the owners.

What a joy for horses to be able to grow and develop surrounded by so much love and know-how. Thank you for entrusting us with Perla, an adorable and sensitive little mare that we will tame with respect and love to continue in the same spirit.

Friendships »


Quimera HN

Nathalie, Lisa, Luna

“For 30 years, I dreamed of having an Iberian horse. I wanted to meet Ms. Eloy for her knowledge (and as I admire Hernesto and his work).

When I met Quimera’s gaze in her herd, my heart melted. From the first contacts, she was gentle, curious, ready to follow me and trust me. The start of a great adventure.

Every day I admire his liveliness, his need to learn and above all his management of his environment and his relationship with his peers. In addition to a beautiful and good physique, she has an excellent mind.

She quickly found her place in the family, in our herd and offers us our moment of oxygen and serenity every day.

A big thank you to Jacqueline, Pierre and Vanou for their philosophy, their relationship with each horse, their work and their trust.


Lanzado HN

Sandrine Bedague

“My beautiful Lanzado made a very long journey to find me. Not an easy story with the organization of transport for Reunion and a great relief on arrival. We met a wonderful horse both as a companion and as an athlete who gives us a lot of happiness and satisfaction. A big thank you to Jacqueline and Pierre who took care of Lanzado's education perfectly, thanks also to Vanou. Very professionalism for his delivery to Reunion Island.


Imperiosa HN

Anne-Elisabeth Trimming

“By reading the guest book and the texts written by the other owners, I noted that a bond united us: love and respect for the horse.


For my part, after consulting the Haras de Niaster website, it was the Imperia mare that caught my attention. Arriving there, however, it was another PRE mare to which I was irresistibly attracted. After a walk and a test run, his vitality, his natural energy and his kindness completely seduced me. This is how I acquired the beautiful Imperiosa.

In an environment often corrupt, devoid of ethics where the well-being of the horse is often neglected in favor of unscrupulous commercial profitability, I would especially like to salute the seriousness, professionalism and honesty of Mr. and Mrs. ELOY and thanks them and Vanou for the quality of their welcome and the special care they take in the breeding and education of their horses.


Long live Haras de Niaster.”


Helena HN

Jil Lamborelle

I always wanted to buy a Spanish, before I had a Frisian for 15 years. After his death, I was looking for a purebred Spanish breeder and by chance I came across Mrs and Mr Eloy.

I saw Helena, aged 3, and I immediately fell in love with this mare. I broke her myself and now 4 years later I can say I bought the perfect horse.

Helena has her own character, she knows what she wants and what she doesn't, she's a little dominant too but she has a heart of GOLD, and if you treat her with respect she does everything to please.

In terms of dressage Helena is perfect, she loves pawing and starts the passage and pirouettes at a gallop. In Walking, Helena is not afraid of anything, she is always forward, I can even walk with just the halter, she always stays close to me.

I am so happy to have met Jacqueline and Pierre Eloy and especially to have found my little princess Helena. For me she is the perfect horse, either for dressage or for walks.

Thank you Jacqueline and Pierre for allowing me to have this adorable and kind mare, thank you for your trust.

Big Kisses from me and Helena"

Jil Lamborelle owner of Helena de Niaster (born in 2008)


Rabiosa HN

Fabienne Ferracin

“Rabiosa gives me all the happiness one could wish for in a horse.”

Fabienne Ferracin owner of Rabiosa


Islera HN

Frédéric Feron

"At the dawn of my 50th birthday, I was chosen by a touchy little princess. Curious about everything, loving contact with animals, confident in people thanks to Jacqueline and Pierre, she often wants to decide for herself .Correcting my mistakes, she pushes me with a lot of energy and determination towards a riding style marked by lightness, sometimes sulky but knowing how to be forgiven when she has made a mistake or after an "argument". She occupies an important place in our stable and. our family. I thank Jacqueline and Pierre again for the attention and love they gave to Islera during her young years."

Frédéric FERON, owner of Islera de Niaster (born in 2009)


Bailarina HN

Laura Gilles

My happiness can only be summed up in one word: “Baïlarina”. It was at the Haras de Niaster that it all began. A top PRE breeding, if you dream of the perfect horse. A good advice ; Visit the Haras de Niaster. I've been riding horses since I was little, I've always been into horses but there's only one horse that can make me happy and thrill me. She's my mare, a mare like no other, she's unique. A mare who completes me, who is like me, who makes me stronger, who makes me smile, who loves me and who understands me. Many things that humans cannot always accomplish. When I'm not feeling well, I go to see Baila and everything gets better. She is for me my precious one, my friend, my baby, my rare pearl, my other self, my lucky star, my most beautiful gift, the one I never want to lose, my mare. Thank you for everything my horse, I love you and it will be like this for life... Laura 💕."

Laura Gilles, owner Bailarina


Kerrio HN

Marie-France Leloux

"The meeting with Kerrio is one of those encounters that we can say is magical. From the first contact the flow flowed and since then the bond has only grown and strengthened! Kerrio is a magnificent horse both physically and mentally. Wonderfully pampered and raised during these first 3 years, he benefited from a human and equine environment which could only allow him to develop his many qualities.


Many words to say that he simply became my best friend and a second me!!

I can never thank Jacqueline and Pierre enough for the love they put into raising their horses, and without forgetting Vanou who with patience and gentleness taught Kerrio to live without stress the constraint of a biped on his back! everyone is a winner, both horse and human.”

Marie-France Leloux owner of Kerrio de Niaster (born in 2011)


Jalisca HN

Jean Biloque

“Jalisca my beautiful Andalusian, you are my soul sister.

Through your kindness you reactivate my passion for horses with this certainty that nothing untoward can happen to me.

Once again, despite my age I dream of long hikes along the paths of Ardenne and Gaume."

Jean Biloque owner of Jalisca de Niaster (born in 2010)


Latina HN

Meganck Family

"When a family of 5 riders (including 3 little “budding” riders) is looking for a horse, there are many criteria. We were therefore looking for an “all-purpose” PRE horse, who was comfortable in his head.

On the Haras de Niaster site, we fell under the spell of Latina.

It only took us one visit to realize the energy, time and patience that Jacqueline, Pierre and Vanou devote to the foals, making them truly good horses.

Without hesitation, we decided to embark on the adventure and acquire this young mare.

After continued breaking in at the stud, by the gentle hands of Vanou, with emphasis on outdoor walks, she has finally arrived.

It only took her a few days to get used to her new environment and her new best friend, our Connemara pony.

Latina quickly revealed to us her kind, gentle and affectionate character. In a few weeks she became a full member of our family.


Thank you Jacqueline and Pierre for entrusting Latina to us. Thank you Vanou for preparing it so well for us. We will continue to keep you informed! "

The Meganck family owns Latina de Niaster (born in 2012)


Imperia HN

Elke Kuppers

"Dear Ms. Eloy,

I bought Imperia from you 6 weeks ago.

I am very enthusiastic about the mare and she is exactly the horse I wanted.

She has a great character, is very intelligent and people-oriented.

I am also very impressed by the good upbringing that Imperia received from them. This makes dealing with her a lot easier, especially when she gets upset, you can always stop her and she can always be calmed down.

Otherwise I can only say high praise.

Your facility is impressively managed and the purchase process was very correct. I would buy a horse from you again at any time.

Thank you  "


"Chère Madame Eloy,

Maintenant 6 semaines que j'ai acheté Imperia chez vous et je peux vous dire que je suis très enchantée de this giment, c'est le cheval que j'ai toujours voulu avoir.

Elle has a very good character, is very intelligent and very close to the man.

Je suis also très heureuse pour la bonne éducation qu'Imperia a reçu chez vous. Cela facilite beaucoup le work avec elle; She's nervous or she's on the floor, on the calmer side of the suite.

You can also see that your elevation is very impressive and that the performance is very correct.

Je rachèterai un cheval chez vous.

Thank you Beaucoup."

Elke Küppers proprietaire de Imperia de Niaster (née 2009)

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